The Next Generation in Digital Measurements

Flexijet 3D

The perfect combination of Accuracy and Efficiency.

Create 3D or 2D Digital measurements of building interiors, staircases, countertops, windows, railings, rooms, or any feature that requires accurate measurement.

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Stone & Countertops
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Templating: Done Right.

Flexijet Stone is designed specifically for the Stone industry. Powerful tools, time-saving shortcuts, and intelligent features combine with the Flexijet 3D's Next-Generation Accuracy for an unparalleled measurement experience. 

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Measure Countertops and FHBS with Flexijet 3D
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Full-height is no longer a full-day measurement with Flexijet
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Accurate measurements, made easy.
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Vertical surfaces are measured accurately and efficiently with Flexijet 3D

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Measure for glass railings accurately and efficiently with Flexijet 3D
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On-site measurements are efficient and accurate with Flexijet 3D
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Complex shower glass is easily measured with Flexijet 3D
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Railings measured, mounting points projected for easy measurement and install!
Curved glass with Flexijet
Measure for curved glass with Flexijet 3D

Take the Guesswork out of Glasswork.

Out-of-square, outages, slopes, and sizes: measure it all with Flexijet 3D, and verify in real-time!

Measure in 2D or 3D. See multiple 2D parts together in 3D. Seamlessly import and export.