The Next Generation in Digital Templating

Full-Height Backsplash

Full-height fit with Flexijet

Measure Full-Height Backsplash accurately, and save measurement and install trips!

Check level of cabinets and plumb of walls directly from Flexijet, and see multiple 2D parts together in 3D!

Flexijet Stone slider 1
Measure Countertops and FHBS with Flexijet 3D
Flexijet Stone slider 2
Full-height is no longer a full-day measurement with Flexijet
Flexijet Stone slider 3
Accurate measurements, made easy.
Flexijet Stone Shower slider 1
Bathroom measurements in a single trip!
Flexijet Shower slider 2
Shower walls that slide right in.
Flexijet Stone Shower slider 3
Reduce risk of mis-matched materials and veins, and reduce trips with Flexijet

More walls, fewer trips.

Accurately measure and see how multiple walls come together in Flexijet Stone. Reduce the risk of return visits and measure in a single trip!

Flexijet 3D

The perfect combination of Accuracy and Efficiency.

Inaccurate measurements or transposed digits are a thing of the past.
Want to remember exactly what was measured? Flexijet saves a picture of every measured point.
And, never forget exactly what was said with Voice Notes and Site Pictures saved in every picture.

Check level of cabinets

Check the level directly with Flexijet, and use Flexijet Stone to edit and plan for smooth installs!

Built-in Camera

1 pic = 1000 words

Flexijet's Built-in camera automatically saves a picture of each point you measure!

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