Measure Smarter, Not Harder.

Shower Glass

Find the angles with Flexijet

Angled shower? Sloped ceilings? Odd-shaped openings?

Flexijet makes complicated measurements straightforward.

Flexijet Shower glass example 1
Plumb down from the ceiling channel with Flexijet 3D.
Flexijet Glass shower slider pic 2
Slopes, angles, and outages measure easily with Flexijet.
Flexijet Glass slider 3
Accurate measurements, made easy.
Flexijet Glass railing 1
Measure railings accurately.
Flexijet Glass railing 2
Standoffs that stand out with Flexijet
Steel glass railings
Get the right fit, the first time with Flexijet 3D!
Flexijet curved Glass railing slider 1

Flexijet's got the curves and the angles.


The Right Fit with Flexijet

Create complete measurement drawings in real-time on the jobsite with Flexijet - no need to go back to the jobs

Verify in Real-time

Sleep well with Flexijet

Put an end to measurement anxiety with Flexijet.

Measure and verify directly on-site with Flexijet in real-time, so you always know you can rely on your measurements.

And, Flexijet saves a picture of every measured point, so you can rest assured knowing exactly what was measured.

Tablet with FlexiCAD and staircase railing on the screen
Flexijet Projecting to standoff
Point projection

Layouts in Less time

Go from design to on-site layout in no-time with Flexijet.

Use Flexijet to project to standoffs, drill points, and mounting holes for efficient and accurate layouts. Use your existing Flexijet layouts, or transfer a CAD/BIM file to site directly with Flexijet.

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